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As a buyer or design engineer, to find high quality, competitively priced printed circuit boards solutions may be a challenge. PCB ShinTech offers you cost-effective manufacturing service for your project or end product with a dedicated team of PCB professionals and fully equipped production facilities that assure customers with support and competitive prices.

No matter what your need or application is, PCB ShinTech is capable of providing you with the circuit board manufacturing you need. To electrical designers and engineers, and there are plenty of options to accomplish what you require. Whether you’re ordering prototypes, small run, large quantities, looking for low prices, or need printed circuit boards fabricated on short notice, we have you covered. All files receive a full CAM review and all boards are inspected to IPC-A600 Class 2 or higher standards. 

● Basic rigid printed circuit boards

● Rigid PCBs with buried via holes and blind via holes 

● HDI rigid circuit with 1+n+1 / 2+n+2 / 3+n+3 / ELIC structure 

● Metal, Aluminum, Copper, Ceramic and Steel based PCBs

● High TG PCB

● Thermal clad boards

● Flexible circuit boards

● Rigid-flex PCBs

● Heavy Copper and bondable PCBs

● RF & Microwave PCBs

● Others


Get started today with PCB ShinTech’s circuit board fabrication services.

Standard PCBs

Our PCB making service cover all kinds of requires from electronics designers and developers. Regular types of circuit boards are of cource under covered. Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCB boards, and Aluminum Circuit Boards are among hot sales.

● Layer: Count up to 10

● Qty req.: >=1, including prototype, small order, mass production

● Materials: FR4, Aluminum, CEM-1, CEM-3

● Finished Copper: 0.5-10 oz

● Min. Trace / Space: 0.004" / 0.004" (0.1mm/0.1mm)

● Any Drill Size between 0.008" and 0.250"

● Controlled Impedance

● Surface Finish: HASL, OSP, Immersion Gold, etc..

● RoHS Compliant

● IPC-A-600 Class II Standards

● ISO-9001 and UL Certified

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Lead Time

3-7 work day, express production and scheduled shipping is available. Please contact our sales representatives for details.

Advanced PCBs

Advanced technical or complex requires on specification of Circuit Boards varies in every way like material, layers, hole size, copper thickness, etc..

● PCB type  Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible

● Layer count  1-50 Layers

● Qty req. >=1  prototype, small order, mass production

● Materials  FR-4, High TG FR-4, Rogers, Polyimide, Metal core, Others

● High Temperature, High Frequency Material

● Finished copper 0.5-18oz

● Min line trace/space 0.002/0.002" (2/2mil or 0.05/0.05mm)

● Any Drill Size between 0.004" and 0.350"

● Surface Finish  HASL, OSP, Nickle, Immersion Gold, Imm Tin, Imm Silver, etc.

● Solder Mask  Customizable 

● Silkscreen Color  Customizable

● Controlled Impedance

● RoHS Compliant

● 100% Electrical Testing Included

● IPC600 Class II or higher Standards

● ISO, UL, TS16949, sometimes AS9100 Certified 

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Lead Time

5-15 work day, express production and scheduled shipping is available. Please contact our sales representatives for details.

Quickturn / Prototype PCBs

Ideal for Designers and Engineers

Specifications of Capabilities refer to Standard PCBs and Advanced PCBs.

● PCB type  Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible

● Layer count  1-50 Layers

● Qty req. >=1

● 100% Electrical Testing Included 

●  IPC-600 Class II or higher Standards 

●  ISO, UL, TS16949, sometimes AS9100 Certified 

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PCB & PCBA Specials

Lead Time

●  2 layers as fast as 1 work day.

●  4 layers as fast as 2 work days.

●  Above 4 layers as fast as 3 work days.

Please contact our sales representatives for details.

How does PCB ShinTech work?

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PCB fabrication services of PCB ShinTech including:

 ● RFQ/sample/first article inspection

 ● Design for manufacturing (DFM) review

 ● Check plot review/approvals

 ● Production purchase order management 

 ● Schedule changes/expedites

 ● Freight/logistics coordination

 ● Quality commitment

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Why choose PCB ShinTech?

Advanced Technology

From standard technology to complex, high-density, high frequency or high TG circuit boards or boards with special materials, incorporating the latest technology, PCB Shintech will keep you up-to-date with cutting edge advancements available in the market today.

Competitive Prices

Our experienced team of PCB professionals and manufacturing staff works hard to offer the most competitive prices in the market while ensuring that all circuit boards are built to high quality standards.

Excellent Quality

We have in house facilities with fully automated production lines to provide high quality and consistency. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, TS16949:2016, UL:2019, AS9100:2012. and Our PCBs made to meet or exceed IPC-A-600 Class 2.

Quick Lead Time Capabilities

Our 24-hour facilities and the latest PCB Fabrication equipment allow us to provide fast and flexible lead times to meet our customer's tight project deadlines. At the same time our team and equipment of assembly lines provide the same convenience and quality-assurance services for our customers.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Team

From the moment you contact us about a new or existing project up to the time we deliver, our focus will remain on providing the best quality and service. Our team of experienced sales staff, account managers, planners/schedulers and technical support engineers, and fabrication staff are always ready to ensure that all of your needs are met and keep you ahead of your competition.

Excellent Technical Support

PCB ShinTech has excellent support team with extensive knowledge of industry requirements and specifications who is ready to help with your PCB manufacturing and assembly project to improve manufacturability and help identify cost reduction opportunities.

Our friendly support team is available via email (2-hour average response time on office hours), Live Chat, and phone. The real person to help any time of day.

Facilities & Equipment

In-house facilities of PCB ShinTech are capable of 40,000 m2 per month of PCB fabrication. Your PCBs are never produced by the lowest bidder out of a large pool of factories. To achieve exceptional quality performance from PCB manufacturing, we continuously invest in latest equipment that allows the exact precision necessary for the entire fabrication process, including drilling, plating through hole, etching, solder mask, surface finishing and more.

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Send your inquiry or quote request to us at sales@pcbshintech.com to get connected to one of our sales representatives who have the industry experience to help you get your idea to market.


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